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Polymer Alliance Services (PAS), is a subsidiary of SirNaik. Opened in 2003, Dr. Naik identified a need to provide a one-stop-shop, to many of the large Polymer Producers based out of Washington, West Virginia. Our 400,000 sq ft. facility is equipped to process and warehouse almost any material needs a Polymer Producer may have. From Optical Sorting, grinding, screening, pulverizing, to lab testing we are constantly updating our equipment to make sure that we are on the cutting edge of technology, to better serve our customers needs.

Along with our machinery processes, we also provide Logistic and specialty services, in which we create specific programs Taylor made to fit the needs of our specific customers. Of all the many tasks that we partake in at PAS, the most important is our quality control. QC is the most important part of our business and is something we are constantly trying to improve upon.

Polymer Alliance Services provides specialized services for the Plastics Industry. We are a leader in recycling of off-grade plastic and toll processing services. We offer material pick-up to processing and customer drop shipments. Some of the services we offer:

Optical and Fine speck Sorting Screening
Grinding Pulverizing Lab testing
Blending Drying Tempering
Metal Detection Bagging/Repacking

Toll Services

PAS is an expert in material handling and inventory management. Our warehousing facilities and transport fleet services make sure your deliveries are on time and your material is stored safely.

We respect your unique and special needs and have found our success to be in our commitment to serve those needs.


In 2003 the SirNaik Group recognized a need for toll processing and post production processing requirements. In response to that demand a 400,000 sq. ft facility equipped to process and warehouse originated in Washington, West Virginia.

Thanks to our eagerness to challenge ourselves and to improve our skills, Polymer Alliance Services remains a leader in the Logistics and Specialized Services for the Plastics Industry. It is our mission to provide the highest quality.

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Polymer Alliance Services
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